Staying Positive

Today's post has been contributed by MXI. You're going to love his fresh voice.

I awoke rested and comfortable this morning, having suffered from somnia these past few weeks. Dreams of requited love still in my head, wishing they didn't stretch to finity. I spent an ordinate amount of time in bed before getting on with the day. Looking in the mirror I noticed I was sheveled and ready to get started.

The housekeeper, as usual, was very ept and had breakfast ready. Being couth and particularly gruntled this morning, I thanked her and gave her the day off. Her response was speakable as she thanked me and left for a walk on this beautiful spring day.

At the office I decided to have ruth and allow my competitor use of my patent. It's fathomable to think I have denied it these many years. Although I noticed my office was tact, and wondered if I'd had a burglar as files were strewn everywhere. My secretary bunked the theory, noting the lock had been tampered. We had a promptu meeting that had been scheduled for weeks, and decided to wait before further investigation.

I was cognito at the meeting, so everyone would know I was present. I was, however, a little hibited as I was unprepared. Beknownst to me the staff was going to give me a surprise birthday present, having been tipped off by my secretary. The cheering became cessant as I thanked each personally with bridled passion. I was mayed to notice everyone had been present. Looking down I realized my suit was peccable as I had dropped some cake on the lapel. However, the ruly mob didn't seem to notice, and we furled the "Happy Birthday" banner and got back to work.

Getting back to my office most everything was in array, the secretary having cleaned up, although areas were still maculate owing to the amount of damage done. My secretary's sufferable work ethic astounds me yet. There are days when her scrutable behavior annoys me, but she is most efficient. Her sipid attitude excites me at times and I find myself very chalant around her.

I shall awake tomorrow from another bout of somnia and advertently fix this wieldly situation.

Good night!


Hale McKay said...

MXI, Excellent! A clever play on words if I ever I read one!

You have raised the bar here at Verbicidal Tendencies!

Serena Joy said...

Yes, he's definitely raised the bar. It's an excellent piece. Thank you, MXI!

MXI said...

Gee, you guys I had no idea the bar was that low!

Next time maybe I'll try writing sober!

Serena Joy said...

My bar's so low it's a dive. If this is how you write in yours, don't get sober!:)

Hale McKay said...

Of course, MXI, you could always be a regular Wordsmith instead of a guest contributor.

MXI said...

What's the pay Hale?

$25.00 a word, sounds fair!

Besides as I told Serena, a writer I'm not...(but open to bribes.)