Is That Really Necessary?

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We're really pleased to have another guest post from MXI today. Guest posts keep Mike and me from having to work so hard, you know. No, seriously, we're thrilled and honored when other gifted writers favor us with their contributions. We love it and hope to see many more in the future.

In the middle of an important document, my computer announced "Windows has encountered an unexpected error..."

For there to be an "unexpected error" there must be an "expected error."

(One could argue with Windows there are expected errors, but I'm sure the developers did not have this in mind when writing the code.) All that's required is to announce an "error," but that seems to denote a faulty product and by saying "unexpected" blame is shifted.

I wish I had discovered this in school. I could have told Mom that there were some unexpected errors on the test, and that's why I'm failing Algebra.

Recently I returned my car to the dealership, explaining that it idles rough and tends to stall at red lights. The mechanic's response was:

"It shouldn't do that!"

Really? That was my diagnosis too!

This is the same guy who told me this past winter that the reason my brakes were squealing was water had gotten in and frozen to the pads, and it needed to be "unthawed." He didn't get it when I explained they are already unthawed.

A few years back as an investment I bought a convenience store, as opposed to an inconvenience store where things are on high shelves and and nobody is around to serve you. (Hey, I just invented Wal-Mart!) As I entered the store, I noticed the garbage was overflowing, the coolers were empty, the floor was dirty, and a memorable odor was emanating from the washrooms. When I asked the 3 employees lounging by the magazine rack why nothing is getting done, they responded that they had had a "slow rush." I guess if you're going to rush, slowly is the way to do it.

Their final pay checks have been delayed by an unexpected error.


Hale McKay said...

This reminds of the Dead Parrot skit on Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Anything that reminds me of that skit is worth a hearty gufffaw!

Serena Joy said...

It is Monty Pythonish, isn't it? I got a good guffaw out of it, too. Good job, MXI!