Vocabulary Builder VIII

Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum I smell Skunk in the Bogatorium! Yes, he's back with Vocabulary Builder -- VIII!

It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad Vocabulary, to be sure. Frankly, I don't know who's going down in flames first: Rooney/Hackett, or moi, with this latest crashiverbal exercise in literary abominationism.

So let's find out:

- what Iran is just begging for
- Rosie O'Donnell in spandex
- an object of disgust (see above)

- a funny blooming idiot
- organic soil material
- spring break post-beer urinating contest

- porridge thrown up over a large area
- sex over a large area
- stuff scattered over a large area

- a dwarfed tree
- Japanese meaning "charge!"
- Japanese meaning "ship sailing divine winds into side of something"

- TV sitcom starring Larry Hagman as a real prick *ducking boos and throwd items*
- Redneck meaning "them fellers phallus all over th' place"
- a real dork *once again...*

- lame antelope
- orange fleshed melon
- if you try, her daddy'll shoot you

- someone the enemy wipes their feet on
- a degree in French
- a tactful person

- a belt-worn case for a pistol
- as opposed to half the cow
- a fire-breathing pastor

- German meaning "petrol station"
- German meaning "ach tu liver, neinen brats undt kraut fer du!"
- German meaning "a small inn"

- a punter in the NFL
- a generous maker of footwear
- a pirate

- used to make matzo balls
- Ancient God of Hiyyyaaaaaaaa!
- sport of unarmed combat

- her relief at having dumped the loser...
- mastered a fractious horse
- a hard white element used in alloys

- French meaning "pruning shears"
- French meaning "secretarial saboteur"
- French meaning "sac le teur", aka "What le Foch", one or the other, or neither

- it's just lust...geddoverit
- then there's enough
- a vehicle with guns, wheels, tracks, and a ton of heavy metal

- em
- obese pest
- "how do you do?"

- Roman meaning "The Gladiator Network"
- Roman meaning "one smart feller"
- name of a Trojan in Virgil's Aeneid, whatever the phalanx that was...

- a leg man does
- a lapdog
- A Chinese call girl

- one cleans his room, the other is setting fire to his sister's Barbie
- contrast
- a horse's trappings

- supply an elevator with fresh air after a fart
- cost of oxygen per square inch
- carnivorous air in a sci-fi story

- Redneck meaning "ya like her"
- Redneck meaning "a revenooer's chase vehickle"
- royal or imperial symbol of authority

- a fish with issues
- dry fruits that split into single-seeded parts when ripe
- a bitching schizoid

- will if stepping into something schleppery *more ducking of boos and throwd items*
- Curly's replacement on the Three Stooges
- awkward or slow person

- lost in a journey of the mind, at least for some with anatomical cranial misplacement syndrome
- song Gene Autry closed his show with
- bowels

- icon have and have nots being set against each other
- computer screen symbols during mating season
- the breaking of images

- sea cliff-dwelling bird
- the crap your cat scatters on a romp
- water trail of a catamaran

Fieri facius:
- Latin meaning "you're ugly and your mom dresses funny"
- Latin meaning "cause to be made or done"
- Latin meaning "your face is on fire"

- a poor person
- have yourself that kind of day
- a fowl that, when crossed with a duck, isn't polite to say

Will there be a Vocabulary IX or Nein? Cast your votes at Verbicidal Tendencies, and hope that if you vote yes, it won't count due to having Florida or Ohio do the tally...


Hale McKay said...

That song is stuck in my head now...

Happy entrails to you...

Skunkfeathers said...

"until we crap, a-gain.."

Yawp...dun brangs a tear tuh th' eye, shore 'nuff...*ducking boos and law suits from Gene Autry's next of kin*

Serena Joy said...

Kudos, Skunk, for producing a unique and hysterically funny piece each and every time. I bow to the master.:-)

Hale McKay said...


Gene Autry's next of kin? Or Roy Rogers and Dale Evans?