Vocabulary Builder IX

Welcome to the unimagined 9th installment of vocabulary building, Skunk-style. As for the character at the right, his soul purpose is celebrating the fact that he is mentioned -- albeit indirectly, sorta -- somewhere in this h'yar lexicological sequence of the space & spelling time continuum, in a contextual sense to the overall syntax practiced herein and wherever else a good English teacher with a handly ruler can make instant corrections to mistakes in the making.
Oops; well, at least they could when I was in school. A couple did, too...*whack*.
At any rate, onward and downward we drag English with selections like hyar:

- Italian meaning "hates pasta"
- Italian meaning "a hors d'oeuvre"
- Italian meaning "a dead aunt"

- Viagra
- a benefit concert for roosters with erectile dysfunction
- a rosette worn in a hat as a badge of office

Maginot Line:
- it doesn't work very well in singles' bars, either
- a poorly-conceived magic trick
- a line of defense on which one relies blindly

- male eel
- duck with class
- refined or stylish

- a politician
- "in secret"
- a thief who works close

- a bug
- sex between siblings
- take a master's or doctor's degree

- usually done with mouth wash
- grotesque carved face projecting from a roof gutter
- barlighting conceals this at a distance

- bitch
- arrogant expression of opinion
- fetish with drinking from toilets

- a musical instrument
- German meaning "das fraulein mitte nice glutten valken, ja"
- German-made firearm

- British cartoon character
- the hat's always handy
- disadvantaged imposed on superior competitor

- doubtful or questionable
- squirrels have invaded the roof
- congressional in origin, it's designed to cost lots and automatically be a problem

- and you thought it'd be a bad idea for pigs to fly
- male oxes swear by 'em; the females have differing opinions
- African bird that feeds on parasites living on animals

- someone who stirs things up
- a new Chia product
- what a guy's zipper becomes when he gets caught in it...*rimshot*

- who we're fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan
- Auntie
- I rectum it's a medical thang to purge da bowels

- Chewy just won't shut up
- Ebonics meaning "walkin' the walk, peckerwood"
- a piece of nonsensical writing...*TOING*

- French meaning "so lazee, he pass le gas in le crowd"
- French meaning "a permit to let pass"
- French meaning "an inefficient NFL QB"

- need to take one
- this, "headed" and "ho" got Don Imus briefly fired
- British meaning "diaper"

- agent that inhibits oxidation
- Kim Jong Il
- investigator of ox cart crashes in Malaysia

- French meaning "le party pooper"
- French meaning "spoiled debutante"
- French meaning "side taken"

- what Barbie's after in the divorce
- fence Japanese farmers use to contain cows
- form of Japanese fencing using bamboo swords

- an orbital problem for astronauts
- seriousness
- when age and gravity send your ass south

- frankness
- an abbreviated history of wieners
- one of those endangered big birds

- Redneck meaning "howdy do, Maim"
- danged Yankee state waaay up yonder in the NE
- cripple

- Redneck meaning "we greed on this h'yar"
- Redneck meaning "she dun got greed and throwd up"
- excessive desire

I dunno...maybe upcoming storm chasing will save y'all from Part X gettin' created...maybe ;-)


Skunkfeathers said...

Instigator is my personal favorite here...'cept when it actually happens...*wince*

Serena Joy said...

Once again, you rock! Don't go storm chasin'. Stay home and create X, okay?:)

Hale McKay said...

Then again, storm chasing or a more expanded field - meteorology - should yield enough woids for a post itself.

Skunkfeathers said...

Like fer instance, mesocyclonic: projectile vomiting on an EF scale...

Cumulonimbus: storm clouds
Cumulnumbnuts: storm chasing clowns...

Serena Joy said...

Projectile vomiting is not a pretty sight. I like the thought of those storm clowns, though.:)