Redneck Jedi

The Wordsmiths here at Verbicidal Tendencies have been known to solicit the talents of others. (We have yet to resort to coercion or blackmail.) The offerings of guest contributors are always welcome.

Allow us to introduce you to a funny good ol' boy from West Virginia. While the following is not an original composition of his, it is nonetheless humorous and worthy of being posted here. Won't you make him feel at home and have a good laugh? He just might honor us with some original humor in the near future.
My buddy, Greg, aka Blue Dilly Dilly, can be found HERE.

I accept the challe...err, uhh,...request, and further more, here is something for you to consider putting up. I found it on the web a while back, and with all the uproar about Star Wars recently, I dug it up because it just seemed right.
Ahh, Hillbillies and futuristic weaponry, or as I found it:

Top Ten Signs You're A Redneck Jedi

You know you're a Redneck Jedi if...
10. You've Ever Smashed Up Your Landspeeder While Trying To Light A Cigarette

9. You've Ever Used A Lightsaber To Open A Beer Bottle

8. You've Gotten A Ticket Because Your Wookie Runs Loose And Chases Cars

7. You've Actually Gone Home With Somebody You Met At The Cantina Bar

6. Sand People Back Down From Your Mama

5. You Can't Figure Out Why Luke And Leia Gave Up On Getting Married

4. You've Brought Down An Imperial Tie Fighter With A Potato Cannon

3. The Last Time You Used The Force Was So You Wouldn't Have Get Out Of Bed To Jiggle The Handle On The Toilet

2. Your Tractor Beam Generator Was Manufactured By John Deere

And the Number One Sign You're A Redneck Jedi...

1. Your Artoo Unit Runs On Propane

Let me know if this is up to snuff, if not, I'll toss
somethng else your way.
Err, I'll WRITE something and send it your way...LOL

"have a good 'un"

C3P0 says,"Thank you, Master Blue."

If you like Chinese food and fortune cookies, Blue has a funny post over at his place about those. Why not check it out HERE.


Serena Joy said...

Hey, Greg, your maiden voyage is great! You ain't no virgin no more.:-)

And for the record, I didn't blackmail or otherwise coerce him, either. I bet he'll even come back now that he knows we don't bite. I hope so!

Hale McKay said...

Yup, Blue done good. I hope some checked out his Chinese food post.

Blue said...

LOL, Thanks for the nice words guys, this looks to be a fun blog.
And wild horses couldn't keep me away,...unless of course they're standing between me and my keyboard ;)

Michael said...

They made me laugh out loud.

Wife is looking at me funny.

I'm easily pleased.