More Fractured Etymology

  1. Lexicon Leghorn is back with his whimsical perception of the words we thought meant something else.

    Are you ready for another foray into that volumous tome that can only be called the Dictionary of Gibberish ?

  1. Apparent - a mother or a father
  2. Asperse - a pocket book made out of snake skin
  3. Auditorium - the place where the IRS checks your records
  4. Cartoon - Speed Buggy or Speed Racer
  5. Castrated - Gave a grade to the members of a play
  6. Coincide - the edge of a dime
  7. Coupling - a small cup
  8. Courage - how old your dog is
  9. Crematorium - a shop that specializes in cream and other dairy products
  10. Elixir - what he does for foreplay
  11. Emotional Attachment - Animated picture included in an e-mail
  12. Gradated - took your grandmother to the Prom
  13. Insinuate - you had dinner at your mistress' home
  14. Magnet - holder behind a car's driver's seat to store magazines
  15. Parsimony - what a divorced preacher pays his ex-wife
  16. Policy - Resembling or like a law enforcement action
  17. Polyunsaturated - Used hairdryer on parrot caught in rain
  18. Sentiment - mailed some candy
  19. Service - bring frozen water to table for the drinks
  20. Snafu - like a sneeze, a sound you make when tasting tofu
  21. Traffic ticket - Gets you in to see that particular band
  22. Violins - fighting; mayhem
  23. Worship - an aircraft carrier, for one
  24. Yacht - contraction of 'you ought'
  25. Yoplait - a rap musical



Serena Joy said...

I just love Fractured Etymology and this was one of your best episodes yet.:-)

Hale McKay said...

THank you!

It's the weekend, I guess no one needs any vocabularic help.

Serena Joy said...

I know, weekends are always slow.:)