Mr. Blue Goes to College

Serena and I are pleased to step aside once again in favor of a guest contributor. Blue is honoring us with another humorous offfering. Not even our institutions of higher learning are safe from his wit.

The top ten worse things about a small town community college:

10)- Teachers are too ugly to sleep with.

9)- School mascot is a John Deere lawn tractor.

8)- Field trips to the bait shop.

7)- Dean of students frowns on moonshine stills'

6)- January 26th is school holiday in remembrance of the
premier of "The Dukes of Hazzard.

5)- School song is "Duelling Banjos".

4)- Valedictorian of the graduating class gets a hunting

3)- Out of 500 students, there are only 3 last names.

2)- Pictures of NASCAR drivers in main hall.

And the number one worse thing about a small town
community college:

Manure Spreading 101

(Editors note: Blue failed to inform you that the very competitive intramurals are comprised of lawn tractor races.)


Queenie said...

3 last names out of 500, that many!!!

Serena Joy said...

That IS a pretty bad school when the teachers are too ugly to sleep with. LOL! Thanks for the laughs, Blue.

Hale McKay said...

Besides the ugly teachers maybe, I see nothing wrong with the school.

Serena Joy said...

I guess it's a guy kind of school. LOL.