Double Dipping

There are many words in the English language which sound the same but are spelled differently and have altogether different meanings. It can be annoying to see them misused but I have to admit, these little tricks built into the language are fun to play with.

Climbing the peak in a fit of pique, Hilda decided to take a peek at the valley below.

Enclaves of desperate people are comprised of many disparate personalities.

Always retain counsel if you're summoned to appear before the council.

Though Lulu, the bride, was always discreet, one of her discrete and very wild alter egos had to be subdued before she showed up at the altar.

Discarding his decorative and mostly symbolic mantle of authority, Buford draped it across the mantel before lighting the fire.

Bob likes to fish with a real rod and reel.

Chasing bears might be fun, but always put your pants on first because chasing bears with a bare butt can be dangerous.

The editor made liberal use of her red pen as she read the manuscript, and she did read one segment that caused her to stick a pin in it and blow her reed whistle.

Bytes will sometimes turn around and bite you.

The scene can't be seen, but if you stand over here you can hear it.

The aisles are always crowded on the Isle of Bargains.

The bites of ticks and mites might cause tics.

Plague is borne on the flea-bitten backs of newly born rats.

Bill thought he would burn that wood, if only he had a match.

If it looks like you're about to become prey, pray.

See all the little round holes punched by the awl?

The old map drawn in lead pencil led Dick to lead on and try to plot the best route to root out the treasure.

The smell in the fowl coop was foul indeed.

Larry hoped that upon landing in Hawaii, a pretty girl would lay a lei around his neck.

Irving hoped to escape the heavy yoke of boredom by eating an egg yolk.

When writing on good stationery, it's important to remain stationary while writing to avoid smears.

While attending a marriage seminar on communication, David and his wife listened to the instructor declare, "It is essential that husbands and wives know the things that are important to each other." He addressed the man, "Can you describe your wife's favorite flower?"

David leaned over, touched his wife's arm gently and whispered, "Pillsbury All-Purpose, isn't it?"


G-Man said...

Oh my!!
You left this spot for Me?

OK then...
You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead!!

And I left a present on your previous post...
Thanks for visiting...G

Serena Joy said...

Hey, G-man, you not only found your spot but left me a delightful present in BOTH spots. Merci!

G-Man said...

Miss Serena, just when you think you've found your little circle of friends, some fresh faces always show up that are very intriguing!
You and the lovely Cathy have both visited me this week, and I gotta tell you, you both Rock!
You are always welcome, and I am a bit crude at times, but I mean no harm. And the folks that hang out at G-Mans blog, are pretty funny...You'll see!
I hope.......Galen

Serena Joy said...

Fresh faces are the ambrosia of life, Galen. I love it when new faces pop up. I'll be back over to read more of your site as soon as I get some pesky work out of the way. I try to confine my acting up to my own site, Parenthetically Speaking, and be on my best behavior on this one. Except when I don't.:)

G-Man said...

Serena? If you want to come over and act wild and out of character at my place, have at it.
There are some very wild women that hang out there!

....all in fun mind you!

Serena Joy said...

I just might take you up on that, G-man. And I'm sure the men who hang out here will be hot on the trail now that they've heard you have wild women.:)

Hale McKay said...

Wild women? Someone say something about wild women?

Ere the heir could air his opinion about his birth right, he went to his berth to write about his rite of passage to become a wright.

A good job composing and a good time reading this homonymous post.

Hale McKay said...

Welcome, G-man. I'll be stopping by too. Wild women, eh?

Serena Joy said...

Thanks, Mike. It's a wonder it got posted at all. I had the words but had to make sentences with them, which I did -- and then promptly lost the whole damn thing in a Blogger malfunction. Thankfully, I was able remember most of them and did something else with the ones I couldn't.

Great homonymous addition. Um, that homonymous thing isn't catching, is it? LOL.

Hale McKay said...

I had trouble like that last night trying to post. Fortunately i had it saved, because I lost it three times. I started my post over at my other digs with a mention of that.