Name That Tune

The following non-italicized paragraphs appear to be a simple story about learning to relax and living life to its fullest. Though the message is simple, the story has a secret cache of 60 song titles hidden within the text. The titles are complete and unbroken; none are separated by any other words. How many titles can you find? (All of them were top 40 hits, mostly from the 60s.)

I'm sitting at the table with some bread and butter and a bottle of wine, a sweet cherry wine, looking out my back door. These eyes see only a hazy shade of winter outside. All this snow, but there was no white Christmas this winter. Being careful not to spill the wine, knock on wood, I got up went to the white room that I use as a study.

I was thinking, wouldn't it be nice to go on vacation? I sure would like to be leaving on a jet plane for Montego Bay. Sooner or later, no matter what, everybody needs a break from this five o'clock world we live in. Everyday people can go crazy with little to do but daydream. Because one has to get ready for the days ahead, it is wise to cherish the memories we have. Let's live for today and get our kicks while we can.

Perhaps I can go up country and travel down some country roads through the whispering pines. I could open it up and drive like a bat out of hell down the long and winding road. Perhaps I'll cross a bridge over troubled waters and meet a pretty woman who'll be glad all over to get as far away from downtown as possible.

Why not get on up and stand by me? We can come together on a Tuesday afternoon and runaway. We can look for the magic in the seasons in the sun. After a hard day's night of tossin' and turnin', and waking up a whiter shade of pale, we can forget about the back stabbers. It's the time of the season to go now to where no one is pushin' too hard.

I'll tell it like it is, our days on earth are precious and few. Pour some brandy or some strawberry wine for us, usually I drink alone, but time won't let me! It would be dandy to hold time in a bottle always and forever.


Yes , there are 60 titles of hit songs in that brief story.

~If you wish to compare your answers or to see which ones you might have missed, CLICK HERE for a complete list of titles in their order of appearance in the above story. How do you think you did? If you found all 60, you should be running Blog quizzes.~

The above was originally posted on 2/24/05 at It Occurred To Me. It has been editted with the addition of seven titles from the original 53.



Serena Joy said...

I missed a few but got most of them. Very clever!

littlebirdblue said...

I think I only barely qualified for "fair" rating. Thanks for linking to the answers.

Nice post.

Serena Joy said...

It's because you're too young to remember a lot of them, Camille.:)

Hale McKay said...

Yes, this particular quiz is aimed more to the baby-boomer group.

I do have another one of these which has songs of the 70s and the 80s which would be a better quiz for the younger set.

If I hadn't put it together myself, I would flunk it.

I'll find it and feature it soon.

Serena Joy said...

We might be old as dirt but we grew up on some darn good music.:)

Hale McKay said...


Scary Monster said...

Me is pretty sure me caught most of them. Me will have to go back and check to see how me did.

There have been an awful lot of musically themed blog posts these days.
Me just left a comment on pugs blog that looks a lot like tis post.

Good job Hale!

Me is off to Waikiki, so there might just be some stomping from there over the next week.


Hale McKay said...

(Green with envy.) Enjoy, Scary.