Blog-a-Doodle-Doo! (Or Dawn of the Blog)

Which came first, the chicken or the blog?

Ever wake up with a lot of blog ideas flowing in your head like the water you have to pass as soon as the bathroom is free? Ever been lost deep in thought, not realizing someone is talking to you? Neither have I !

Sometimes I have an idea for a blog the minute I awaken in the morning. Many times the blogs are born from a simple combination of words. Wiping the sleep from my eyes, I wonder what nature's eyelid glue is made of, and if it could be reproduced.

Anyway, once the eyelids have separated, I'll concentrate on prospective titles to build a blog around. I know, it's kinda like putting the cart before the horse...like walking through a door without opening it...like using the toilet only to discover you forgot to pick up the lid...

~ Let's see, I have a few good ones! Oh, yes ... A Blog A Day Keeps ... (Nah, I've already used that one.) ... Blogging Through The Snow ... (No, out of season. )... To Blog Or Not To Blog ... (Yuk. If that's the question, what's the answer?) Blog Is Blog ... (Hmm, sung to the tune of Los Bravos' "Black Is Black?") Well, maybe ... but not today ...Bloggy Mountain High ... (er sorry, John Denver!) ...

~ I seem to be having bloggers blog ... uh, Block ... Ah! ... How Much Is That Bloggie In The Window? ...( Oh, man!! I've already used that too.) ... Blog Party ... Bloghead ! ... (Hmm, getting better. )... Bugaloo Down Blogway? ... I'd Blog A Mile In ...( No!) ... You Beblog To Me ... (Whew ... Starting to dredge the bottom of the barrel now.) ... Blog Bottom? ... Bloggin' In A Coal Mine ...( excuse me, Lee Dorsey!) ... I'm such a bloghead!! ... This Blog Is For You !

~ At times like this, I start to get aggravated ... Take This Blog And Shove It! ... (ooh, I like it. That's a keeper!) ... Blogging Around The Clock ... (maybe. )... He Ain't Heavy, He's My Blogger ... (sheesh! No way Jose!) ... Blog Jam ... (Nope, taken.) ... Blogged Arteries ...( Already used it!) ... Blog-a-Doodle-Do! ... (No way! I hate that one) ... (Wait! I think I'll use it after all, here and now!)

Okay, now that I have a title, maybe I can come up with a blog idea built around that title. Well, I'll be darned! It looks like I already have it! I just have to remember that you cannot be distracted in the least when you want to post a blog. You have to have a clear mind, indeed a mind in the first place, to post up something interesting.

(Sigh) I suppose I could try again later today. Maybe then that working title can be honored with a decent article. For now, I think I'll just post what is here. I can always edit it later. I'll kick the tires and drive it around the .. blog.

Besides, it is time to bloggie ... er boogie ... off to blog ... I mean work. I have a blog ... a job to do. If I don't go now, I'll just blog this one up ... I mean ... oh never mind!

Perhaps I didn't come up with a better title (or a post for that matter) simply because I'm chicken ?



Jack K. said...

Man, you gotta get a life.

If all you can do is worry about blog titles, you gotta get a life.

Let's see

Blog to me my melancholy blogger.

All's well that blogs well.

A blog in time saves your sanity.

My blog or yours?


Serena Joy said...

I'm having blogger's block, too. You overcome it better than I do.:)

Shari said...

The chicken. Definitely the chicken. If God created all the animals, then the chicken came before the egg.

Even if you had a hard time doing a blog post, I still got some chuckles. :)

Don't let the blog hit you on the way out.