Cryptical Allusions

Years ago myself and several friends used to meet every Wednesday after work to play trivia games. Everyone who showed up would have a list of questions to ask the other players. We usually had a different theme each week for the questions.

One popular theme was a game we called "Cryptical Allusions." The rules were quite simple. Each allusion required: (1) two names, either the first or last names of well known people past or present, or a nickname or name of a character they played, etc. (2) a cryptic clue to the answer, which would be two words or a compound word indicating objects, places, or groups, etc.

My description of the rules are probably rather cryptic if not totally confusing. Here is an example of a properly structured Cryptical Allusion:

We hear Redd and James went there to gamble. - (answer: Foxwoods)

(Explanation: Redd(Foxx) and James(Woods) went there (Foxwoods) to gamble.)
Some liberty is allowed when ever the spelling is different but is pronounced the same (a homophone) as in "Foxx." In the spirit of fair play, the use of a homophone was suggested in the allusion. This was done by using phrases such as we hear, it was heard, rumor has it, it sounds like, etc. Here is another example:
Hudson and John had sweet treats. - (answer: Rock Candy)

(Explanation: (Rock)Hudson and John(Candy) had sweet treats.(Rock Candy)
Following is a few for you to try to solve and the answers will be provided in the comments.
(1) Edna and Peter made up a list of the most popular books.

(2) David and Joyce are the best of pals.

(3) Dick and Amanda have facial hair.

(4) Billy and Lucille use a seer's sphere.

(5) Sharon and Jackie build walls.

(6) Johnny or Gary became a substitute.

(7) Jane and Taylor put up the window treatment.

(8) We heard that Oscar and Halle picked fruit.

(9) Bob and Neil found a large gemstone.

(10) We hear that both Foxx and Andy tipped the baggage handler.
There you have a dozen (includes the two examples) Cryptical Allusions that I made up last night for this post. How do you think you fared?

(As promised the answers will appear in the comments.)



Hale McKay said...

Cryptical Allusions answers:

(1)Best Sellers
(2)Sould Brothers
(3)Van Dyke Beard
(4)Crystal Ball
(5)Stone Mason
(6)Bench Player
(7)Curtain Rod
(8)Wild Berry
(9)Hope Diamond
(10)Red Cap

Clarification will be supplied if requested.

So, how'd you do? Don't worry - these aren't intended to be easy.

Serena Joy said...

This was great, Mike. Not that I did so well on it. I got #1, 4, 5, 7, and 9.:-)

Hale McKay said...

Actually 5 out of 10 is pretty good for the first time trying the game.

(And of course #2 is SOUL Brothers not Sould.)

Scary Monster said...

Me got #'s 1,2,4 & 5 But kicked me self for missing 7 and 10.

Cool play on words. Me likes this.


Hale McKay said...

Thanks, Scary. I put these together in about an hour. I'll spend some more time on some more of these for a future post.

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

I liked playing this, though did poorly, but it was fun. Thanks for your comments, Hale. It would be great - as soon as I get my blogs transferred to their own domains - which translates to: as soon as I have the patience to figure it all out.

I've added this site to my feed, think I have a few things about words to learn.

Hale McKay said...

You are most welcome, Marcia. I'm glad you enjoyed my little game of cryptical allusions.

I will, as I am sure Serena will be, await your return visits.