A few days ago with this post, Serena posted a list of some interesting license plates she had observed. That gave me the idea for this post. I decided to make a little game of it. Can you determine the occupations of the persons who sported the following license plates on their vehicles? (These are actual plates from across the country.)

This last one once belonged to a certain deceased well known person who worked at this profession. Can you guess the name of the celebrity also?

The above license plates were taken from the coffee table book, The Way Cool License Plate Book, by Leonard Wise. (Published 2002 by Firefly Books, Ltd.)

I created the above license plate images using a generator found HERE.

( The answers appear in the comments section. )



Hale McKay said...

The answers, in order from top to bottom:

1) - chaffeur
2) - lawyer
3) - French Chef
4) - lawyer
5) - chiropractor
6) - designer
7) - meteorologist
8) - optometrist
9) - stand up comedian
10 - band leader - Lawrence Welk

Serena Joy said...

How clever! I couldn't figure out #10 without referring to your cheat sheet, but the rest make perfect sense.:)

Hale McKay said...

Lawrence Welk always started each piece of music by say, "A one and a two."

Serena Joy said...

Ohhhhh! NOW I get it.:)