Not Another Commercial Break!

On Monday at my other site I ran a post about the absurdities of advertisements. This post could be a sequel with a continuing theme of Ads That Drive You Mad , just like the dirty dozen highlighted in the linked post.

I know they call it commercial television, but why do they interrupt the ads with programs? I'm being facetious of course, but doesn't it seem that way sometimes? Do you remember when you could get up during a commercial break to run to the kitchen for a snack and not make it back before the program resumed? Some of you are probably too young to have experienced that phenomenon. It's true, though.

Now however, when you make a snack run during commercials, you have time to run down to Mickie D's for a double cheeseburger, fries and a shake, drop a letter in the mailbox, get back home and hit the toilet before the ads are finished. Well, it sure seems like it!

If commercial breaks aren't bad enough, did we really have to be subjected to Infomercials? With cable we can choose from 200+ channels of at least vaguely interesting progamming, and yet for some unknown reason we're hypnotized by a paid-advertisement for a deep-frying rotisserie bread-maker with a four slice toaster for the last thirty-seven minutes!

When I first saw Matthew Lesko's commercials about obtaining "free" money from our government to pay my "beels," I couldn't help but wonder if Batman's enemy the Riddler knew this character had raided his wardrobe. Then I found this image. I never saw the Orville Reddenbacher connection.

Thanks to Dr. Scholl's commercials, I was surprised at the number of words that rhyme with "gellin'."

Does it bother you that out there somewhere is a musician, who on his resume' wrote down: "Set the words 'nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea' to music" ?

There must be a lot of companies with ugly employees. Why else would they tout their products or services with talking animals?

There's something amiss about those Timeshare come-ons. Do you think they really will give me three days and two nights in Aspen or Florida for free?

Do you remember those Dove ads with the chubby women in their underwear? I don't beleive they are still being aired, but I'm still haunted by them.

Have seen those full-page ads in high school yearbooks? I'm sure that the first thing a senior is thinking about after graduating is to go looking for a good roofing, siding, or septic tank service.

How many times have you been "sucked in" by those movie trailers? You finally fork over your hard-earned money to see the flick, only to discover that the best action scenes or the funniest parts - you already saw in the trailer!

In spite of it all, we can't wait for the Super Bowl! Why? To watch the game? No, to see what 'wonderful' commercials are going to be aired.

It's time for a break. No, it's not a commercial. It's the end of this post.



Serena Joy said...

Ads. Grrrr. Some of them are memorable, but they're still ... ads.:)

Free Money said...

Orville Redenbacker... I never noticed that either!