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Author Please!

Here's a treat for all you avid readers. They may not make the New York Times' Best Seller List, but they are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

A rather childish and thoroughly enjoyable form of punning. You may have to read some of the authors' names aloud to get them. You might consider letting the first and last names "run-in" to each other. Also, a little phonetic liberty has been taken on several of them. (If you are stumped on any of the titles and authors, list them in the comments section and I'll "translate" them for you. I hope!)


Religion - by Abel Lever

Big White Bird - by Albert Ross

Sorry! - by Anna Poloji

The Solitary Beast - by Annie Malone

The Singer - by Barry Tone

The Blessing - by Benny Dixon

The Tightrope Walker - by Betty Falls

Urban Areas - by Bill Tupp

My Life as a Cowboy - by Brandon Steers

English Breakfast - by Chris P. Bacon and Ann Negg

That's Life - by Cilla Vee

The Lion-Tamer - by Claud Face

The Poker Player - by Delia Cards

Prehistoric Reptiles - by Dinah Soar and Terry Dactyl

The Building - by Eddy Fiss

Ships in Harbor - by Dr. Longside

The Open Window - by Eileen Doubt

The Visitor - by Enoch Zatador

The Broken Window - by Eva Brick

The End Of The Week - by Gladys Friday

Under Arrest - by Hank Uft

Make Your Home Secure - by Havelock Smith

Lady Godiva - by Honor Whitesteed

Frankenstein Meets Dracula - by Horace Tory

King Kong - by Hugh Jape

I'll Follow - by Hugo First

Reminiscence - by Ira Member

Drafts - by Isadora Jarr

Singing In The Rain - by Ivor MacIntosh

Make 'em Laugh - by Joe King



Serena Joy said...

I love those! What a rockin' good post, Mike.:)

Hale McKay said...

I was overdue! That "Cups" story ran for 13 weeks and took up a lot of my creative juices.

I had a real long list of those - I split them up - should be good for about 3-4 more posts of similar length.