The World According to Cletus

Cletus' Redneck Dictionary

Alarm System - The dog
Feedback - Vomit
Formal Wear - Bib Overalls and shoes
Honeymoon - A night usually followed by a wedding
Jeet Yet - Did you eat yet?
Limousine - Pickup truck with extend-cab
Lingerie - A clean flannel shirt
Planter - An old bathtub
Polygon - Left bird cage open
Shotgun - Best Man at a Redneck wedding
Sunblock - A baseball cap
Tuxedo - Bib Overalls, white shirt and a tie

The World According To Cletus

If electricity comes from electrons, then morons must come from morality.

Therapy is expensive, beer is cheap.

Regrettably all the good jobs start before I get up.

There's a place for all God's creatures - next to the taters and gravy.

Damn right I'm good in bed. I can sleep for days.

My Giveadamner is broken.

Far: the main ingredient for good bbq chicken.

5 out of 4 people have problems with fractions.

My anger management class pisses me off!

I love my work...That's why I'm saving so much of it for tomorrow.

Vegetarian is an old Indian word for bad hunter.


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Serena Joy said...

That Cletus has really got it going on. I love a man who can make me laugh out loud. That's Cletus.:)