Warped Words

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For some reason, this batch of misspelled words found on a message board which shall not be named really set off my giggle trigger. What else could I do but ... define them?

severly faded - Something that's not only faded but cut off.

suddlenly - State of being awash in a sea of suds.

euphimisim - Feminism for eunuchs.

taged - Something tagged with a tage, whatever that is.

steped - Education for stepchildren.

funcitions, funcitons - Directions to Funky Town.

aquired - Red water.

spirtual - A religious gushing of liquids.

defination - An absolutely definite deafening detonation.

opportinuity - A continuum of opportunities.

vulernale - Your guess is as good as mine. Some obscure sea creature perhaps? Nails on a... Nah, couldn't be.

ablity - One who is giddy with ability -- and probably washed up for it first.


Hale McKay said...

Well done. It is a challenge trying to give definitions to those misspelled words. "Warped Words" a code name for "Twisted Linguistics?'

Serena Joy said...

Well, it could be. God knows, they're warped enough.:-)