Verbicidal Wacky Wordies

My partner and fellow-founder of Verbicidal Tendencies, Serena Joy has decided to take a hiatus from this blog. A job and life in general can be burdensome without having to maintain a blog, much less two of them.

She will be missed during her absence. You can still read her humor and wit over at Parenthetically Speaking.

The following "Pearls Before Swine" comic contains a pun dedicated to you, Serena.

A Wacky Wordy, in a word, is a word rebus puzzle. The solution to the puzzle will be a word or a phrase as suggested by the rebus.

Below are two sets of six each. Can you solve them? (To enlarge, click on the images.)

Set No. 1

Set No. 2

Stumped? The answers will appear in the Comments section.



Hale McKay said...


Set No.1 - (1. Long underwear; 2.Thinking outside the box; 3.Musically inclined; 4.Misunderstanding; 5. Roger, over and out; 6.Shrinking Violet)

Set No.2 - (1.Standing in the shadows of love; 2.Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea; 3. Up one side and down the other; 4.Checkered past; 5.Up all night with an upset stomach; 6.Nothing new under the sun)

How'd you do?

Serena Joy said...

Without the cheat sheet, I did abysmally. LOL. I definitely need a good long rest, so I thank you for the kind words. And I love, love, love the cartoon!:)