Political Lexicon

The long and torturous campaign road that began two years ago will culminate tomorrow when America goes to the polls. Those two years provided a plethora of new words for the English language.

The following is a list of some of these new words to add to your vocabulary:

Acornucopia - the many new voters, fictional, living and deceased recruited to vote

Chicklets - potential female voters

Diarrhedundant - the same old bullshit

D'ohbama - Homer Simpson's cry when he voted for Obama by mistake

Eaubama - Obama's favorite cologne

Exxonerate - to ignore the huge profits of a corporation in spite of the populace struggling to make ends meet

Haymacker - a strong verbal assault against McCain

Hickocrites - rednecks who answer polls in support of one candidate, but vote for another instead

Intrussian - the act of spying on another country from one's front porch

Lenoency - restraint shown by Tonight Show in telling jokes about candidates

Lip-o-suction - French kissing a pig

Macropolis - one the homes McCain couldn't name

Macingosh - exclamatory remark to a stupid McCain statement

Obamaflage - the ability to deny the whereabouts of family members

Palindrome - Words spoken by Sarah Palin, that even when read backward, still make no sense

Polithongs - Sarah Palin's campaigning underwear

Racist - anyone who says anything negative about Barack Obama

Saragraph - a group of words and sentences uttered by Sarah Palin that make no sense

Sarahindipity - saying something that is correct and makes sense by accident and by mistake

Succupulant - one who supports a candidate they lost to in primaries, in hopes of landing a cushy cabinet job

Tomf*ckery - extreme form of tomfoolery



eve cleveland said...

Real clever. You is good. I'm gone give some awards directly.
Stumblin ya now.

Serena said...

Excellent words! Thank God something positive came out of that long, long, long campaign.:)

Hale McKay said...


Thank you. Award? For me?

Hale McKay said...


Long - way too long. I hope they pass a law that from now on they cannot campaign, or cannot announce they are going to run until the January of the year of the election.