Some of my favorite recently discovered Words Gone Wild.

discust - Cursing and dissing at the same time.

chow bella - A beautiful but hungry woman.

brousing - When carousing results in a bruising.

publishung - A Chinese province, home of the biggest printer of fortunes for cookies.

unsuscpecting - Hitting a queen over the head and relieving her of her scepter.

prerferene - A seductive scent, made from pheromones and guppie puke.

amuck - Pigs a-playin' and a-wallowin' inna nasty pit.

planily - Describes the condition of one is dizzy from planning too much.

Ludicrious - A less than successful rapper.

privlaged - When you're old enough to become privy to certain things.

sueing people - A phase when every new mom named her baby Sue.

Opera Winfrey - "Talk Show, the Musical."

boarders on fraud - Tenants who cheat on their Welfare applications.

envellop - Mailer made of fine quality vellum.

stop your gripping - Take your hands off me!

paublisher - An impoverished printer.

scenerio - A Tazmanian mating ritual.

plantery - The effect of the solar system on vegetables.

loner car - An automobile that is never driven.

debute - A low-rent debutante.


Hale McKay said...

A great collection of Twisted Linguistics.

I liked especially: Publishung and Opera Winfrey

Serena Joy said...

Thanks, Mike. I got a kick out of those two as well.:-)