Tohubohu Or Not Tohubohu

Working on the assumption that a website with a name like Verbicidal Tendencies would in fact have postings about ... words, I have decided to display such epeolatry writing. Rather than have this site viewed as so much quinquilious bumf and perish the thought, be looked upon in the same light as latrinalia, I began to expiscate data available to me.

The following list of words may be a list that only a lexicographer or an etymologist would love, but it was educational for me just looking them up in the first place. If you were perplexed by some of the words that appeared in the previous paragraph, and if you were scratching your head over the title of this post, put away your dictionaries. Those words and others will be defined, along with their pronunciations, below. (Don't feel belittled, I think the spell-checker just suffered from an aneurysm!)

I knew, or have seen and since forgotten, some of the words, but I will not claim to have known them all. I do know that I don't want anyone to think our site should be categorized as floccinaucinihilipilification !

-1) ABSQUATULATE - (ab-skwotch-uh-late) -abscond; flee; to make off with.
-2) AVUNCULAR - (uh-vung-kyuh-ler) - of or pertaining to an uncle; uncle-like
-3) BARRATRY - (bear-uh-tree) - stirring up lawsuits or quarrels, especially by lawyers or barristers to create work.
-4) BORBORYGMIC - (bor-bow-rye-jim-ik) - pertaining to the rumbling of one's stomach or intestines.
-5) BUMF - (bumf) - toilet paper; worthless paperwork or literature; junk mail
-6) CARYATID - (kar-ee-at'-id) - a draped female figure supporting an entablature; the Statue of Liberty is a caryatid.
-7) CATAGLOTTISM - (kat-uh-glot-tism) - kissing with the tongue.
-8) CHTHONIC - (thon-ik) - dwelling in the underground.
-9) CICISBEO - (chee-chiz-bay-oh) - male escort or lover of a married woman.
10) CORRIGENDUM - (kawr-uh-jen-dum) - mistake to be corrected, especially an error in a printed book.
11) ECDYSIAST - (ek-diz-ee-ast) - a stripper.
12) EPEOLLATRY - (eh-pel-uh-tree) - worship of words.
13) ERUCTATION - (eh-ruk-tay-shun) - belching; also the eruption of a volcano.
14) ESURIENT - (uh-soor-ee-uhnt) - hungry.
15) EXPISCATE - (ek-spis-kate) - learn through laborious investigation or extensive research.
16) FACTOTUM - (fak-tow-tum) - an employee or assistant who does just about everything; a handyman.
(flok-suh-naw-suh-nigh-hill-uh-pill-uh-fuh-kay-shun) - categorization of something as useless.
18) GRAUSTORK - (graw-stark) - imaginary place of high romance.
19) HIRPLE - (her-pul) - to hobble or walk with a limp.
20) INFUCATE - (in-few-kate) - to apply cosmetics; to paint.
21) JILLICK - (jill-ik) - to skip a stone across water.
22) LATRINALIA - (lat-ren-ail-ee-uh) -graffiti found in restrooms.
23) PERENDINATE - (puh-ren-din-ate) - to put off until tomorrow.
24) QUISQUILIOUS - (kwiz-kwil-ee-us) - worthless; trashy; like rubbish.
25) TOHUBOHU - (tow-hoo-boo-hoo) - chaos; disorder; confusion.

Congratulations! Consider your vocabulary increased!



Serena Joy said...

Can I get a witness? I mean, a linguist? Can I get a linguist? I can't even pronounce half those words. LMAO!

Hale McKay said...

LOL - that's why I provided the pronunciations. Before i looked them up i couldn't pronounce them either.

My favorite of them? Tohubohu! I love the sound of it.

Tow-hoo-boo-hoo! LOL!

You are probably a FACTOTUM.