Will You Still Love Me When I'm 64?

This story behind this post is old news now, but when it was originally posted on 6/19/06 over at It Occurred To Me it was a current event.

I was inspired to repost it here today by Serena's 8/16/07 post Thursday Q&A, in which she pays tribute to Elvis Presley on the 30th anniversary of his death using the titles of some of his songs in the text. It was well done, by the way.

It just so happens that my post was a playful tribute to the-then-pending divorce of Paul McCartney and his one-legged gold-digging wife.

Without further ado, here we go:

Paul McCartney has recently learned that he's going to be Free As A Bird and sinking on a Yellow Submarine. He finally got an answer to one of his musical questions: "Will You Still Love Me When I'm Sixty-Four?" No Paul, she won't still love you when you're sixty-four! You can take solace though in the fact that you almost got there, since your sixty-fourth birthday is next month.

So next month, when your friends sing Your Birthday, Heather won't be there. You can then sing one of The Beatles' classics, Can't Buy Me Love. It's probably too late for you to sing We Can Work It Out.

I wonder if you'll feel like the Fool On The Hill or a Nowhere Man? Maybe you'll go into seclusion in the Norwegian Wood and pray to Mother Mary or become a Paperback Writer.

Do You Want to Know a Secret, Paul? You're Going To Lose That Girl. She's filed for divorce and she's singing Money (That's All I Want). A quarter of your fortune is what she wants and she's going to Come Together with her lawyer to Come and Get It! "After all", she says to you, "Baby You're A Rich Man!"

When you say, "Don't Let Me Down, I gave you All My Lovin'" she won't be listening. Instead she'll be saying, "It Won't Be Long until I Drive My Car with my Ticket To Ride down The Long And Winding Road and then I'll Follow The Sun out of here!"

"Help!" says Paul. "You Really Got A Hold On Me!" Paul is remembering that "Eight Days A Week ever since I Saw Her Standing There and said to her I Want To Hold Your Hand, and took her down to Penny Lane, we were in love. I thought we had Something special." Except now he says, "She was a Day Tripper and I'm A Loser."

It'll be A Hard Day's Night, but he'll have to Let It Be. He'll have to Carry That Weight and he'll say, "I'll get by With A Little Help From My Friends." He'll ask Heather "Tell Me Why," but he'll get No Reply. He'll make one last plea, " Oh! Darlin', won't you Get Back and Please Please Me and don't you know that All You Need Is Love only From Me To You?

Alas, all he got was stars when Maxwell's Silver Hammer came crashing down on his head!



Hale McKay said...

Honest Judge,

I hit "publish" on this post at 12:03 AM last night/this morning. I don't know why it didn't show up!

Was I so tired that I accidentally hit "draft?"

In any event - sorry partner! Sorry folks!

Serena Joy said...

I wondered what happened to your post. It was probably one of those ubiquitous Blogger bugs. It's a good piece, and worth waiting for.

Anonymous said...

Hey, sorry but the "Free As A Bird" thing was John's song. Don't mean to nitpick, but, you still.

Hale McKay said...

No problem anonymous - The idea was that they were Beatles' songs, not necessarily Paul's songs.

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