From The Library of the Lords of Lexicon - part deux

Awful Authors

This is the second installment of this feature, the first appearing HERE.

A rather childish and thoroughly enjoyable form of punning. You may have to read some of the authors' names aloud to get them. You might consider letting the first and last names "run-in" to each other. Also, a little phonetic liberty has been taken on several of them.

At The Eleventh Hour - by Justin Time

Fried Chicken - by Ken Tucky

Slimming - by Lena Boddy

The Paint Ingredient - by Linsey Doyle

Keeping The Peace - by Lorne Order

Painting Walls - by Matt Coats

How To Have Fun - by Meryl Lee

Spoil The Child - by Molly Coddle

The Gardener - by Moses Lawn

The Void - by M. T. Ness

Journey Across The Desert - by Mustapha Kamel

On Bended Knee - by Neil Down

Less Than A Quarter - by Nicola Dime

Dog's Dinner - by Nora Bone

D-Day - by Norman D. Landing

The Unexpected - by Oliver Sudden

Clementine - by Omar Darling

Primitive Transport - by Orson Cart

The Debtor - by Owen Munny

The Funeral - by Paul Bearer

Don't Give Up - by Percy Vere

A Visit To The Dentist - by Phil McAvity

The Cavalryman - by Rhoda Norse

The Bouncing Bullet - by Rick O'Shay

Crime Does Pay - by Robin Banks

Continental Breakfast - by Roland Coffy

Take Stock - by Russell Steers

Cereal Story - by Ryan Dotes

The Excursion - by Sally Forth

Temper the Wind - by Sean Lamb

The Female Ghost - by Sheila Peer

A Star Is Barred - by Sherlock Tout

That Can't Be Right - by Shirley Nott

Where's My Hat? - by Sonia Head

How To Be Noticed - by Stan Dout

Spring - by Theresa Green

Bliss - by Trudy Light

You're a Big Boy Now - by Tyrone Laces

Rocks Ahead - by Vera Way

Triumphant Procession - by Victor E. March



Serena Joy said...

LMAO! You got on a real roll here. It was great!:-)

Hale McKay said...

LOL. Thanks, SJ. I have at least one more futute post of the same.

It looks like maybe I should get the creative juices flowing and try to create a bunch more?