Real TV

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I don't think we have enough reality shows on the air. Therefore, I've sat down and worked up a few ideas for some new ones. Let me know which ones you think will make it and which ones will get cancelled right out of the gate.

Meet the Priss - Sunday-morning news and current events program with a focus on style and home decor, hosted by Martha Stewart.

60 Minuets - Dance-contest type of show featuring older personalities such as Mike Wallace, Barbara Walters, Morley Safer, Regis Philbin, Joan Rivers, Elizabeth Taylor, and Harrison Ford.

Wheel of Fortuna - Quiz show in which contestants see who can complete round crossword puzzles first. The prize is always a weekend in Fortuna, California.

Gypardy - Quiz show in which the prizes are never awarded to the winners.

Numbers - Adventures in anesthesia.

Gyros - Ordinary people eat gyro sandwiches and then develop super powers that compel them to try and save the world.

Ghost Whimperer - Stories of everyday people who are scared of ghosts.

Medium Rare - Confessions of a fry cook.

Criminal Mines - Weekly exposes of the worst mines in the nation.

Law and Odor - Follows the real-life cases of a private investigator who just happens to suffer from B.O. which, alas, often alerts the bad guys to his presence.

American Idle - Chronicles of the unemployed.

Amazing Grease - Cameras go behind the scenes to the kitchens of fast food restaurants.

Foren(sic.) Files - Intimate view of case files of some of the worst offenders at butchering the language.

Disparate Housewives - Profiles of a wide variety of homemakers, from trailer parks to mansions.

Dataline - Investigates the day-to-day lives of computer hackers.

Days of Our Lies - Political commentary.

See! Is I! - Adventures of a real-life inept private investigator with exhibitionist tendencies.


Hale McKay said...

It's kind of scary - but one or two of those just might come to be. Perhaps we should pray that no producer stumbles upon your posting?

Serena Joy said...

LOL. Bring on the producers. I could use a few royalty checks.:-)