Literary Desperado

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This mess of misspelled words comes direct from a repeat offender, a literary pretender -- a serial word desecrator. I mean, seriously, how seriously can you take a "serious writers' site" which advertises itself as sponsered by something or other? This is not even a typo; this is a consistent spelling from this literary Visigoth. The ignominy of it!

I beleive -- I have no clue, but I do believe grownups playing "Author: The Role Playing Game" should know better.

seperated -- You see this common mistake rather often among the unlettered; however, shouldn't a "writer" who proffers advice and presumes to teach other writers know how to spell such a simple word?

luducrous -- A crusty Luddite, no doubt.

reservor -- I think that, given the context in which it was used, this refers to a reservoir of some sort, but it could just as well be some tennis malapropism. Or, considering the source, au revoir.

preverted justice -- I just adore it when preverts, i.e., those who verted before, get theirs.

vise versa -- We're guessing this is some new-fangled gadget found in the Renaissance man's tool shop. It is perhaps a trendy, must-have item on the Versailles of workbenches.


Bilbo said...

A crusty Luddite? You talkin' to ME?? How ludicrous. By the way, ludicrous, defined by my dictionary as "laughable or hilarious because of obvious absurdity or incongruity," is a very useful word during an election season...don't leave your mind without it. And I love the mental image of a "literary Visigoth."

Hale McKay said...

seperated - I remember a teacher that pounded into our heads that there is always "a rat" in separate.

I guess his teacher said "e-rated" was in the word?

If he wants to be a wrighter, he should learn to right rite writer.

Serena Joy said...

Hi, Bilbo, and thanks for a very witty comment. You are SO right about how apropos the word "ludicrous" is during this season.:) I wish I could have drawn my interpretation of a literary Visigoth. Alas, I lack the artistic skills.:-)

If he wants to be a wrighter, he should learn to right rite writer.

LOL, Mike. Wright you is. Rite on, dude.:-)