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How could I possibly have passed up another opportunity to tell a story with what I like to call Words Gone Wild? The answer is, I couldn't! I located this bunch of words lurking on a Web site which shall not be named to protect the delicate sensibilities of the guilty, and the story just sort of took shape on its own.

The words

can't get pass it
I mive a lot of money
the got hte deal onthe condo through; wide threw em out
sweeden to singapour

The story

Vi was a disingeniouse type of girl who just wanted everybody to like her. Hionest. She also just wanted to have some fun. She'd tell her friends, "I mive a lot of money, so I throw a lot of wide parties. The neighbors weren't happy so there was this campaing to the got hte deal onthe condo through; wide threw em out."

After she got thrown out of the condo, she decided to leave colleg and party from Sweeden to Singapour. Her whole life story as it was immerging would have to be rewriten after that one night with the Sweed who was hosting a balloon-animals party and asked for her help. Poor Vi a-blw and she blw, but she couldn't get enough air into the balloons. Instead, she blw 'til she passed out and fell on her hione. She couldn't get pass it, the embarrassment derivitive of her lack of stamina, so she went back to colleg and found a job in a pub which allowed her to sing and pour at the same time.

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Hale McKay said...

Sweeden? Isn't up north near Noway and Fineland?

She could sing and pour at the same time - what a skilled entertainer she must be. I'll bet she's Irene Karaoke!