Vocabulary Building III -- Politickally Carwrecked

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Vocabulary Building III -- Politickally Carwrecked

Once again Serena and I are pleased to relinquish control of this site to Skunkfeathers. He has become the first guest contributor to these pages to have three consecutive posts featured here at Verbicidal Tendencies. ( Not coincidentally, he was also the first guest to appear in two consecutive posts. )
....Won't you sit back and prepare to guffaw, snicker or giggle at the genius of this record setter?

The last of three in the series. Yeah, I heard those sighs of relief.

At any rate, what had been a series of seven vocabulary builders for the paper back about 12 years or so ago, I condensed into three, so you're getting more than twice the verbiage value as heretofore. Or heretofive, six, or whatever your favored number. And just for fun, I've included a few more foreign words, just so I could have more creative liberty and irritate the snarf ouf the politically correct in the readership.

So wid no foitha adieu:

- living or occurring at the same time
- a cantankerous, dissident rary
- a fill-in criminal for one whose on vacation, death row, temporary break-out, etc

- flexible BS
- quite capable
- not constant

- they would have, but for Goldilocks
- how 70% of Califorlornia public education high school students spelled 'Beirut' on their last geology exam, which was another problem but I digress
- to scold or rebuke

- more than one person forgot about it
- what 'Inevitable Hillary' and her campaign might be on the verge of
- fall down (go 'boom' is optional)

- milk cow flatulence
- brand of refrigerators that flopped in Quebec
- some sit on it; others try to think widdit

- showy
- a floatation device that keeps you warm 'til it burns up, then you sink
- gourmet meal made from insects

- a graduated circumstance...*ducking throwd items*
- skill required in cheerleading, especially in Texas where they take this stuff serious
- self-important

Nom de plume:
- French meaning "not that plume, le fool!"
- French meaning "his flatulence leaves a trail, no?"
- French meaning "pen name"

Non compos mentis:
- Latin meaning "not compost material"
- Latin meaning "not tonight, I have gas"
- Latin meaning "not of sound mind"

Bien entendu:
- French meaning "of course"
- French meaning "yes, I have been intending to get around to that eventually"
- French meaning "yes, I have no bananas"

- a French thug
- a designer gown made in Paris
- a great place to find Mary Ann when she was able to ditch Gilligan

- a wheat farmer suffering post partem from the harvest
- debris from a shot-down MIG
- recurrent severe headache

Aequo animo:
- Latin meaning "with even mind"
- Latin meaning "sea horse"
- Latin meaning "I no see horse; what drugs you on?"

- Redneckspeak meaning "to hire"
- Redneckspeak meaning "looky, git yore backside ovah h'yar afore ah opens a can o' whupass on y'all.."
- Redneckspeak ta make the horse git'em up

- someone averse to the outdoors
- a nice place to be when she consents
- being privy to a secret

- Maine
- a lack of energy
- liquor with no umph

- acknowledgement of respect
- grits in a collective sense
- a union of prostitutes

Politically correct:
- collision of two limos in a motorcade
- writing or saying things that offend no one, save for those offended by totally boring writings and sayings
- knowing your candidates are all full of sh**

- what the optomotrist made of himself when he fell into the lens grinding machine
- miniscule fishing gear
- an attention-getting public display

- psychoanalysis of a paratrooper
- to render powerless
- "no honey, your butt's not getting fat" and "I was working late at the office"

- one of Halle's best features
- for the
- salt water flat fish

- of fate
- enunciation of a Bostonian mallard
- elementary particles believed to, in pairs, make up a hadron

- to avoid doing something
- pipe or channel that conveys a substance
- getting pranked by a water fowl

- to shoo away a rogue bovine
- to mix up
- to pursue a thread of logic that's tied in knots

- the first failed effort in creating a pizza
- having the quality of being excited or attractive
- sound generated by peeing on an electric fence, followed by other sounds

- sick of hearing about how "wholesome" Mary Ann is from Gilligan, I guess, and...
- a subtle dig at someone
- thin, brittle ginger cookie

- a recepticle shaped like a bong
- an abundance of idiots
- a made-up word that really should be officially recognized

- sound of ricochets from a drive-by shooting
- expensive, gaudy jewelry favored by rap artists
- from the Godfather: "Youse disrepect me heah an' badda boom badda bling bling, fuhggedaboudit!"

- tasteful
- stainless steel pellets substituted as bird seed
- a tree soliciting for a woodpecker

- a really sick kind of bread dough
- an Italian suppository
- a disparaging remark

- a person's idiot mode operates without prompting
- characteristic of a particular language
- a badly-designed handgun

Now go forth and cruciverbalize with confidence that you'll turn heads and get lots of "WTF?"s from family, friends and colleagues. Or in my case, just laughed at.


Hale McKay said...


You've outdone yourself!

I had so many favorites from this set that I had to settle on:

hallibut, impeccable, cornudopia and insider.

Skunkfeathers said...

I may have to pull Vocab IV if that's the case; how can I outdo myself, low-achiever that I is?


Serena Joy said...

I am now a hardcore woid junkie. I can't get enough of this stuff.:D