Presidential Mnemonics

(The following is an excerpt from a recent post over at It Occurred To Me. Since mnemonics lends itself to the VT theme, it was only natural to post it here as well.)

Dubya's Mnemonics

Everyone knows that with his command of the English language, Dubya is the undisputed "Malopropmeister." But have you ever wondered how he remembers the numerous countries and their names? He uses a form of mnemonics (which he pronounces as muh-nim-uh-nix). What follows is a list of countries and places using Dubya Mnemonics. You might not be able to figure out all of them, but don't despair, we are talking about "Bush-speak."

You've Got" Mali
"Help Me" Rwanda
"Head" Laos
"Milk of" Malaysia
"Cold" Turkey
"Elbow" Greece
"Shake" Djibouti
"Malta "Cronkite"
"Seven-Up, The" Angola
"Jailhouse" Iraq
"Electric" Qatar
"Rubber" Czech Republic
Belarus "Lugosi"
"Hand" Grenada
Belize "Navidad"
"Ice" Cuba
"Four-Door" Sudan
"Jacket and" Thailand
"Steady" Cambodia
"Tea for" Tunisia
Ghana "Get a Witness?"
"Vanilla" Iceland
"Perry" Comoros
"Gentle" Benin
"Neither" Norway
"Either" Andorra
"Killer" Wales
"Wig" Guam
Tonga "Depressor"
"Wheat" Germany
"Dee" Luxembourg
"Six" Pakistan
"Frasier" Ukraine
"Sir Thomas" Malawi
"Al" Gabon
"The Cat's" Macau
"East of" Sweden
"Ebony and" Ivory Coast
"Night of the" Botswana
"Thurgood" Marshall Islands
"Willy" Oman
Hungary "Heart"
"Things I" Haiti "About You"
"Have You Ever Been Ex" Syria
"Less Talk" Morocco
"When It Rains, It" Singapore
Libya? "I Hardly Know Her"
"Two Big Macs" Togo
"I Promise I'll" Palau
"Martina Navra" Moldova



Bilbo said...

"I promise I'll" Palau...? Pardon me while I roll on the floor and scream with laughter for a while.

Skunkfeathers said...

I'll make this 'un simpler fer ol' Dubya: Breakfast Syria. Or better still, DipSyria.

Serena Joy said...

Those are hilarious!:-)

Hale McKay said...


I was practically rolling on the floor with several of these.

Hale McKay said...


Maybe "Gunga Din" Mark.

Hale McKay said...


When I had these at the other place it was like one of those moments where you smack your head and say, "I coulda had a V-8!"

(Duh! I could used this at VT)