The Pot is Short an Anti

Creating Similar Disalike Words

(example) - Antidisestablishmentarianism - to be against a building or institution being torn down

--1)Antidisrobementarianism- to be prudish and against the removal of clothing

--2) Antidisembowelmentarianism - to be against hari-kari

-3) Antidisemploymentarianism - against getting fired from a job

-4) Antidisinfectionarianism - to be against making something germ-free

-5) Antidisengagementarianism - against coitus interruptus; also to be against calling off plans to get married

-6) Antidisciplinarianism - against corporal punishment of kids; spare the rod and spoil the child

-7) Antidispastarianism - against leaving Italian salad off the menu

-8) Antidisenlightmentarianism - against having the lights turned off

-9) Antidisassimilationarianism - against removing or preventing one from becoming a part of the Borg collective

10) Antidisplacementarianism - against being evicted

11) Antidisillusionmentarianism - against spoiling someone's hopes and dreams

12) Antidisantebellumarianism - against references to the period before the Civil War

13)Antidisclimaxarianism - against one partner achieving fulfillment and the other not

14)Antidisentanglementarianism - against having your game of "Naked Twister" interrupted

15)Antidiscombobulationarianism - against confusing someone; i.e, asking the President to pronounce 'nuclear'



Hale McKay said...

Something tells me that Skunkfeathers could expand upon a list like this rather nicely.

Skunkfeathers said...

Who, me? Naw...I'd never come up with antidisconstipationarianism, which is being against using Imodium AD to offset Exlax...I think...

Jack K. said...

The skunkman comes through one more time.

Great list.


Serena Joy said...

A superlative A-List, Mike. LOL.:-)

Hale McKay said...

A good one. I knows you could do it.
Thanks. You're right, Skunkman delivers.
Making the A-list would be: