Voting Time in Florida

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No offense to Florida, because I love the Sunshine State, but some of their voters did throw a monkeywrench into the last election. With a new election fast approaching, I think we're all a little apprehensive about the possibility of new voting horror stories. If it happens again, I think somebody's gonna get hanged -- and it ain't going to be Chad. Meanwhile, we might as well laugh about it.

FLORIDA: If you think we can't vote, wait till you see us drive.

FLORIDA: Home of electile dysfunction.

FLORIDA: We count more than you do.

FLORIDA: If you don't like the way we count then take I-95 and visit one of the other 56 states.

FLORIDA: We've been Gored by the bull of politics and we're Bushed.

FLORIDA: Relax, Retire, Re-vote.

FLORIDA: Viagra voters do it again!

FLORIDA: What comes after 17,311?

FLORIDA: Where your vote counts and counts and counts.

FLORIDA: This is what you get for taking Elian away from us.

FLORIDA: We don't just cheat in football.

FLORIDA: We're number one! Wait! Recount!

FLORIDA: So nice, we let you vote twice.

FLORIDA: We put the "duh" in Florida.

FLORIDA: This isn't good when Alabama counts faster than us!

FLORIDA: Once is never enough!

FLORIDA: We would do a recount but we've run out of fingers and toes!

FLORIDA: Don't blame me, I voted for Gore, I think.

FLORIDA: Don't blame me, my vote didn't count.

FLORIDA: We're retired -- no wait-- we're retarded!

FLORIDA: Don't count on us!

FLORIDA: Home of the edible chad.

FLORIDA: Bumbling better than ever!


Hale McKay said...

Where many voices are one ... er ... where one voice is many ...

Serena Joy said...

As long as The Voices keep things under control... :)

Hale McKay said...

...And I'm not hearing them in my head!