Who Let the Blogs Out?

Lexicon Leghorn is back to show that his talents are not limited to defining words. Indeed, the Rooster of Rhetoric has been known to "coin" a few words also.

Writing blogs has become almost a cottage industry. I guess it would be fair to call blog sites media outlets, as more and more of them are becoming sources of news and information. This is not without controversy, as many of these sites are of questionable integrity. What may appear to be a scoop, may in fact be a contrived story.

Web logs, as they were called in the beginning before being abbreviated to blogs, have become a part of the culture. While there remain many that are innocent diaries, their scope runs the gamut from religion to world politics. They have become the forum of struggling would-be writers and poets. Some provide information on a wide range of topics. As such, they have become wonderful sources for research. With a measure of patience, one can find material on practically anything from the mating habits of the fruit fly to quantum Physics.

Blogging has become so popular that it is has given rise to a growing list of words, terms and phrases not yet being reflected in dictionaries. Indeed, the Internet has addressed this issue, and has spawned several unique dictionary sites. For example, there are: Pseudo dictionary , Wikipedia and Education-Yahoo to name three.

~ If I may, I have compiled some of these terms, phrases and words that are not found in typical reference publications. I have taken the liberty of adding some I have made up. (I think I made them up.)

Ablogalypse - a disastrous attempt to post a blog, unsatisfactory writing, usually deleted

Ablogolize - to apologize not publicly, but by posting apology on a blog

Blogaholic - a person who is addicted to posting blogs, usually to the point that quantity becomes more important than quality ( the Pointmeister just might be a blogaholic)

Blogamy - having more than one blog

Blogatory - that ethereal place in cyber space wherein your posts disappear, never to be seen again

Blog bite - a bit of information taken from a posted blog, akin to a sound bite

Blogdom - the world of blogging

Bloggergeist - an anonymous commenter;

Bloggie - (1) a person who reads only certain blogs, (2) a groupie

Bloggist - a blogger, the author of a blog

Bloggle - (1) a cryptic unclear message of a blog; (2) to confuse, addle a reader of a blog

Bloggy - weary or tired from reading or writing blogs, like being groggy when awakened

Bloghard - a blogger who posts his exploits in a boastful manner; a blowhard

Bloghead - an idiot or dunderhead who attempts to blog; a blockhead

Bloghorn Leghorn - a bloghard, but more wordy and arrogant, writes convincingly about topics of which they know nothing

Blogic - logic that is applied to a blog

Blogism - a quote from a blog; a reference to the field of blogging; the words in this list would be blogisms

Blogiverse - the world of blogging; the sum total of blogs posted; suggestive of a universe of blogging

Blogjam - comparable to writer's block; having many ideas for a blog, but unable to post a blog; having a blogjam usually produces bloggles

Blognap - to plagiarize; to post material as one's own

Blogography - facts about a blog author; a biography

Blogphoria - acute satisfaction, a high from reading or writing blogs

Blogophile - a frequent reader of blogs, usually has many blog sites book marked

Blogosphere - smaller than a blogiverse, the realm of blogging;

Blogpile - (1) a cache of material set aside for a future posting; (2) a blog full of garbage, off the wall remarks usually factless; stinks like a cow pile

Blogtrotter - A blogger who travels to gather info, pics for their sites; blogtrotters are known for posting voice reports on their sites

What a blogpile this bloghead bloggist has bloggled for blogophiles entering this blogosphere to become bloggy!!



Jack K. said...

I am blogwhelmed at the length, breadth, depth and overall blogillance at your list, oh Mighty Bloghead who is blogicient.

I think I need a drink after that effort.

Damned funny stuff, as usual.

Keep up the good works.

Serena Joy said...

Great vocabulary list. I'm often guilty of Ablogalypse, for which I ablogolize when I'm in the mood.

Jack K. said...

After giving my previous comment some thought and looking at it again, I must confess to misspelling the word blogiscient.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

I hope I spelled that correctly. giggle and grin

Hale McKay said...

Jack, what's spelling among bloggers?

Jack K. said...

A challenge to the intellect and sense of humor, what else?