Fractured Etymology -2

(Once again Lexicon Leghorn has delved into his unique tome of lexiconic litany to come up with some new gems for you to ponder.)

  1. Analogy - Life story of an asshole.

  2. Arbitrator - A cook who leaves Arbys to work for McDonalds.

  3. Asinine - Her ass not quite a ten.

  4. Barbarous - Sings like Streisand.

  5. Buffer - Wearing least amount of clothes; more naked.

  6. Consummate - Had some soup.

  7. Controvertible - A sedan.

  8. Enterprising - Serving on board the flagship of the Federation.

  9. Expound - A box of candy with several pieces missing.

  10. Forgo - After foreplay.

  11. Hypo critic - One who reviews films about pachyderms.

  12. Interposition - Where the door is.

  13. Liquidate - Take girl/boy friend swimming.

  14. Negligent - Not wearing a sexy nighty.

  15. Parasites - What you see from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

  16. Primate - Remove spouse away from TV set.

  17. Singular - A telephone company.

  18. Subdued - A man who works on submarines.

  19. Suppose - Grandma's nylons.

  20. Syntax - A levy added to the price for sex.

  21. Tremor - Not as big; thinner.

  22. Voluptuary - Where Victoria's Secret models live.
(Remember, you just can't have a big enough vocabulary. Lexicon Leghorn is at your service to help you increase your vocabulary.)



Anonymous said...

A good list.

Serena Joy said...

Good job, Mike! The Queen of ReNouns and the Twisted Linguistics folks just love this.:)