The Same -- But Not

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There are many words in the English language that sound the same but which are spelled differently and have completely different meanings. For example:

People leading double, discrete lives should be discreet.

Serfs don't surf.

Bears run around bare in the woods.

Jane read 'til her eyes were red.

John led the campaign to get the lead out.

Never pin people with a ballpoint pen.

People with byte problems sometimes yell "Bite me!"

Some scenes should be heard and not seen.

There are wide aisles in the supermarket on the isle.

Tick bites can lead to eye tics.

A pissed off mite might bite you.

Her firstborn was borne for nine months.

Would you chop wood if you were freezing?

If it looks like you're prey, pray!

Don't read while lying in reeds.

Pigs root out truffles on that route.

Fowl can be some foul things.

In the islands, you can sometimes get a lei AND a lay.

Hens labor under the heavy yoke of yolk production quotas.

Try to keep your stationery stationary. Your writing will look neater.


Hale McKay said...

The wright seated on the right had taken time to write about his rite of passage.

After watching the move starring Vivian Leigh, he planned to go straight to those islands beyond the strait for that lei and lay.

SJ, was that too much of a rote I just wrote?

Serena Joy said...

No rote, what you wrote. I would like the coordinates for that strait, please.:-)