Haiku, You ku, We All ku

That good old boy from down in the hollers of Appalachia, my good buddy Blue, has decided to grace Verbicidal Tendencies with another contribution. This time he has gone where no normal Southerner would dare to tread. Without further introduction to a man what needs no introduction - take it away, Mr. Blue.

I saw a great book today down at the local book store.
The great haiku author from southern Japan, Shoshimi
Takamishinoku, has released another literary
masterpiece. Greatest of all, it has been translated
into English, for all of the westerners who fancy
themselves of the artistic set. These are word for
word translations from the great southern master his
own self:

Backwoods bamboo hut
Five rickshaws on blocks out front,
Hidden by tall reeds.

Yeehaw, Samurai.
Your kung fu is very good!
Let’s go hunt some deer.

Come here geisha! Quick!
The race is about to start,
Bring the chips and beer!

Damnable hound dog,
Too lazy to tree a ‘coon
Still howls all night though.

Japanese fisher
Waits for a bite, unnoticed
Brother steals the beer.

Wow! Looks like southern is southern, no matter which
country you hail from! I think I would enjoy meeting this
ol’ boy, I like the way he talks! In the meantime, I’m
heading back to the book store to see if they have any
more of his stuff.



Now I think that maybe some of the Southern readers out there might, just might mind you, be able to come up with their own Southern-style Haikus.


pink ginger 珂琳 said...

very interesting. Nice to visit your site again.

Serena Joy said...

Great post, Blue. Made me grin, which is the hallmark of good.:)

Southern girl reading
Backwoods poetry giggles
Like loon on high crick.

Hale McKay said...

Thank you, Pink Ginger. Welcome back, it's good to hear from you.

Hale McKay said...

Sorry, SJ, that I didn't alert you of Blue's new guest post. It was late when I checked my e-mail - and there it was. So I copied it and pasted here, added a few thoughts, posted it and went to bed.

I was exhausted. That reminds me, I need let Blue know that it has been posted too!

Serena Joy said...

Not a problem, Mike. I'd have done the same thing.:)

Paper Fan Club said...

You are quite clever
Oh blogger of great insight
Kudos on fine work