Just What Did Delaware?

Actually, I'm not interested in what Delawore. I don't care what Tennesaw either. I am not going to answer with 'I don't know, Alaska.'

I am being distracted by a new program, Office Assistant. I think Suzie and I are going to get along just fine.

She's going to help me with a different sort of name game, most notably "Run-ins." We have come up with quite a list too. Don't know how to play? ...And don't say, 'I don't know, Alaska.' This simple word play game is an exercise in which you take the names of celebrities and use them in sentences without changing spelling or separating any part of their name. Adding punctuation is acceptable. The sentence should otherwise be grammatically correct.

For example: Did Frederick March in the parade? Easy enough, right?

Here are some that Suzie and I were able to muster:

William, Tell me how you were able to shoot the arrow at the apple on your son's head.
Didn't Ringo Starr in Caveman?
Can Manfred Mann the controls by himself?
I saw Minnie Driver her ball into the water hazard on the 13th hole.
Is Maria Callas with everyone?

When did Michael Landon New York?
Every morning, George Burns the toast.
Did you see Virginia Wolfe down her sandwich?
Did Mariah Carey her own baggage?
Did Johnny Cash his check?

Does Jody Foster any ill will for film critics?
Charlie Pride open the wooden crate.
Is Deborah Harry?
Did Norman Vincent Peale the orange?
Didn't Jerome Bettis that the Steelers would win?

When did Tammi Faye Baker cookies?
Did Mary Tyler Moore her boat at the dock?
Did Terrence Stamp all of the invoices paid?
Wisely, Ernie Banks his money.
When did Wiley Post the flight plan?

Was James Worthy of the award?
Did Nancy Walker dog this morning?
Did Wally Joiner in a game of Hearts?
Did Terri Hatcher plans yet?
Just what was it Jimmy Piersol?

Isn't Irene Dunne with that book?
Did Nell Carter own groceries?
Did Ester Rolle up her sleeping bag?
I saw Ezra Pound the nails into the board.
Did James Bond with the boy next door?

Where did Harrison Ford the river?
I saw Donald Duck the snowball.
Man, was Lorne Greene with envy.
Did Hugh Grant the reporter an interview?
Why did Brad Pitt Angelina against Jennifer?

Did you know that Kenny Loggins everday?
Was Marvin Gaye?
What did Oliver Reed?
Did you know that Bill Withers in a crowd?
Did Robert Frost the cake yet?

Did Dane Cook supper last night?
Wow, is Martin Short!
Does Cybil Shephard the sheep?
When did Robert Service his car?
Did Mary Kay Place her keys on the table?

Where did Robert Plant his tomatoes?
When did Jimmy Paige you?
Why did Gale Storm out the door?
Did Stephen King your checker after your move?
Was Laura Engels Wilder when she was younger?

Suzie just said that was plenty to post. She says we should leave some names out there for the readers to use if they decide to play. Besides she wants to test Option number five on the menu. Who am I to turn down a direct order?



Bilbo said...

Was Walter Pidgeon-toed?

Is Deborah Harry? I don't think so, because I watched Helen Shaver.

Hale McKay said...

LOL Bilbo @ Helen Shaver!

Jack K. said...

Did Jack consume a Kochenour? (coke-n-our)

Great posting.

Giggle, giggle, giggle, snerx.

Skunkfeathers said...

Okay...where do I git me a Suzy Slut Office ASSistant? Might liven up at least my cyberlife ;)

Skunkfeathers said...

Iowa bunch, but at least not to the IRS ;)

Skunkfeathers said...

John Denver gonna fly that plane again...*ducking boos and throwd items*

Serena Joy said...

Sounds like you and Suzie had a lot of fun today. What I want to know is, where can I get my Johnny Jock Office Assistant?:D

Hale McKay said...


Suzy got more attention than the content of the post itself.

Interesting ....