From The Library of the Lords of Lexicon - III

Awful Authors

This is the third installment of this feature. To view the previous two installments just click on the following links Installment I and Installment II.

A rather childish and thoroughly enjoyable form of punning. You may have to read some of the authors' names aloud to get them. You might consider letting the first and last names "run-in" to each other. Also, a little phonetic liberty has been taken on several of them.

Fitted Carpets by Walter Wall

All My Travels by Wanda Lust

Tolstoi by Warren Peace

The Man On The Ledge by Willy Jump

Archery by Bowen Arrow

The Decline of Civilization by Helena Handcart

The Trojan War by Helena Troy

The Sword in History by Ray Pierre

Going Ape by Bab Boone

Campanology by Belle Ringer

Exercise for Pleasure by Charlie Haws

What's For Breakfast? by Hammond Eggs

American Patriotic Songs by Homer D. Brave

Don't Ask Me by Howard I. Know

What's Up Doc? by Howie Dewin

Peek-a-Boo by I. C. Hugh

How I Got Rich by Jack Potts

Arithmetic Simplified by Lois Carmen DeNominata

Will He Or Won't He? by Mae B. Sew

The Big Parade by Marsha Long

Is It Love? by Midas Wellbee

Morning Call by R. U. Upjohn

A Plumber Is Needed by Rufus Leaking

Streaking by Running Bear

Round The Mountain by Sheila B. Cummin

How To Apologize by Thayer Thorry

The Accused by Watts E. Dunn

Button Collecting by Zipporah Broakin



Serena Joy said...

LOL! I just love these. BTW, we have a restaurant here called Awful Arthur's.:)

Hale McKay said...

I like them too. Unfortunately -for now - the well has run dry. I had 60+ of them spread over three posts.

LOL @ Awful Arthur's